Here is my record….

Welcome to a revolution in Sports Betting…


Are you tired of being SEVERELY over charged for picks, only to get WAY MORE picks than it is smart to bet, so then you end up trying to handicap your own handicapper?


Unfortunately, that’s the Status Quo for pick services.  It’s about how much they can get from you, and how quickly they can get it.  They give you a lot of picks to give you a false perception of the real value of their service.  And the picks they provide are loaded with bad lines so they can brag about a high winning percentage.  Then they charge you 50 bucks a week knowing you will only be with them a short period of time anyway, so why worry about long term value and YOUR success?


They think of everything, except making you a winner.


Making you a winner is the ONLY thing I think about.


My name is Mark Miller and I am here to REVOLUTIONIZE  the handicapping business.  I am going to do it by giving you only what you need to win, and  at a fair price.  No more paying 50 bucks a week to play someone else’s bad strategy.


I win for one reason.   I was given a good foundation and some simple rules to play by that eliminate the mistakes most bettors make (and I did too for years).  When you eliminate those big mistakes, you will start to make money.  My handicapping service is built around helping you avoid the mistakes that make 98% of all bettors lose money.


So what are those mistake?  First, people make too many bets.  You only need one bet, the best bet of the day.  Second, people bet on crappy lines where they risk more than they can make.  If you risk more than you can make, the books will win every time.


And so-called professional handicappers consistently recommend that their customers make both of those fatal mistakes every day.  And even worse, they charge a fortune for a few picks a day which leaves you to handicap them trying to guess which ones to bet.


So what I have done is create a revolutionary new kind of service, and put a revolutionary low price on it too.  My service is different for many reasons.  Here are a few…

First, you will get one pick a day, which is all that anyone should ever bet.

Second, the pick will always win more than you have to risk.

Third, you will never be given a losing team to bet on.

And fourth, I will always have my own money on the picks I send out.


At $33.33 a month, if you can’t afford this service you really need to

think twice about betting at all.


I did not start this service to make a fortune.  I did it because other services are running a scam that keeps most of their customers from winning.  They charge you too much, get you to make too many bets, and have you betting bad lines that make it very difficult to ever get ahead while they take your money and run.


I  started this service so you can experience what a winning strategy is.  If you follow me you will bet the right number of games every day, which is ONE.  You will bet the right lines, which pay more than your risk.  You will never bet on a losing team, which is just good old common sense.


And it’s easy.  All the picks are sent by email every day so you don’t have to hunt them down or log in to a web site just to see what you already paid for.  If you can get a pizza delivered to you, why can’t sports picks be the same way?


This service is my offer to help you win money by betting along with me while I do.

See how the service works and if it is for you.  If not, you can cancel at any time.


 Today is a good day for your success to start.